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Вечер Халлоуин

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         Сценарий мероприятия Halloween.



  1. Развивать интерес учащихся к изучению английского языка..
  2. Активизировать полученные знания английского языка в игровой форме.
  3. Знакомство с традициями и обычаями англоязычных стран.



            October is orange & red & brown.

            See the leaves all tumble down!

            Rake them up into piles so high

            You can jump in them, & flop, & lie!

            We have to wait the whole day long

             For spooky Halloween!

             What are you going to be?

             A ghost? A witch? Or a queen?



Pupil 1: Tomorrow is All Saints’ Day and today is Halloween or the “Holy Evening”!

Pupil  2: This is the last evening of the year when ghosts, spirits, and witches can wander free!

Pupil 1 : Tomorrow we will be driven away from the surface of the Earth!

Pupil 2:  No wonder, we are trying to do the best of this last evening! We dance in the moonlight, walk into the people’s houses, scare children and grown people and take pleasure in it.

Pupil 1: Please remember that you should watch out for the Evil Spirits on the 31st of October!

Pupil 2: Because Halloween is the time when all the black of the Earth and the Air gather together to hold their holiday, Halloween!


Hell with candlestick in his hands appears on the stage.

Hell: Ha - ha! Hello, devils, witches, vampires and other not quite pure power. Today there will be a great ball, which you will remember for a long time. And what is the most important thing  -  the most terrible and the most beautiful witch Undine will visit us, of course, with her retinue !!!

Undine the Witch comes into the hall.

Hell: Viva witch Undine! The most beautiful and the most unpredictable woman!

Undine sits down on the throne.

Undine: Greetings to all!  Dear master, start the ball!

Hell: (bows) With your permission.

(Music. Witch’s Dance.)                     

Undine: Lucifer has sent me to you on Bald Mountain with a mission: to choose Mr. and Mrs. Halloween of people present here. We are going to do this during the ball, but for now - the music! Rejoice, wickedness!                 


Witch: All applicants must drink fresh blood!  (Participants compete in drinking tomato juice).


Scare people here!


(Dance block. Suddenly a loud scream is heard)

Dracula: Greetings, Undine! All the evil of Romania sends respect to you in my face. You have called, and here I am!

Undine: Thank you, Dracula! I knew you would not let me down. Help me to fulfill my mission.

Dracula: With great pleasure. I will choose the challenger for the title of Mr. Halloween.

Undine: Do it!

Dracula: But first, I suggest to drink the cup of evil.

(Dracula drinks tomato juice (blood); two members of Undine’s retinue choose candidates)

Dracula: I want to know, if you can moan loudly and noisily? That's how, for example (evil spirits show). And now you, dear participants.

(The winner gets a medal)

Undine: Yes, he would make a great villain! Thank you, Dracula, I'm happy.

Hell: And now - dancing!            


Voices: "Ghost!" "Where?" "Here it is! Out, out!" and m. g.

Undine: (angrily) Where are you,  ghosts?! Enough to hide!


Voice: Hello! I do not need to drive, I'm tired of hiding.

Undine: You're under my care, so do not be afraid! It is better to help me choose one contender for the title of Mrs. Halloween!

Voice: With pleasure! I love to play!

(Chooses contenders)

Voice: In England we are all very fond of the game "Find Me." But as a rule, we find only parts: hands, feet, ears and other body parts. And you have to collect all the pieces in the room that we have. Is that clear? Ready! Steady! Go!

(Children collect paper ‘bones’ which are hidden in the hall. The winner is the person who has found the most number of ‘bones’)

Voice: That's a winner - the pretender, madam witch Undine. Well, I have to go home to England.

Undine: Greetings to all my relatives. I release you.

Voice: It is getting damp. Goodbye!


(The Little Mermaid is taken out (She is sitting on a stone. Her servants sprinkle water on the audience)

The Little Mermaid: Good evening, the most beautiful witch! My father - Water - apologizes that he can’t appear on our holiday, he had a cold, that is he has become dry.

Undine: I'm glad to see you, my child. But please, enough to pour water on us!

The Little Mermaid: You, of course, your ball Is great, but ... not enough water, there are no swamps around. That’s why I brought water with me. It is the best, from the distant marsh reserves.

Hell: Sorry for interruption, but we have everything here… and water ... enough water.

The Little Mermaid:  Allow me to fulfill your task to choose Mr.Halloween?

Undine: You make me tired! Proceed to the election.

(Mermaid’s servants choose candidates)

The Little Mermaid: My element is water. And my father was very fond of drinking water. And now YOU have to drink water.

(Participants  must drink juice from bottles with nipples.  The fastest one is the winner)


Hell: King fluorography - Koshchei Immortal!

Koshchei Immortal: Hello! Sorry for the delay, got involved in Vasilisa the Beautiful!

Undine: Enough excuses. As a punishment, you will choose me one contender for the title of Mrs. Halloween.

Koshchei Immortal: I hear and obey.

(Chooses candidates)

Koshchei Immortal: Most of my favourite pastimes is  burning all living things. But you are the people, so you need to put out the fire.

(The girls must blow out three candles in the darkness.)


Undine: It was impressive! Musicians, play!           



Undine: I liked it! (to Hell) Give the other candidates!


Hell: Your Highness, let them make a couple!


Undine: We have two couples, and we have to choose Mr and Mrs Halloween,  I invite them to dance!           


Undine chooses Mr and Mrs Halloween who organize merry competitions for all the participants of the party. At the end of the party children eat  funny and scary dishes prepared by themselves.


Примечание: в слайды 4, 6, 9, 11 вставить танцевальную музыку согласно сценария.

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Презентации

Целевая аудитория: 8 класс

Вечер Халлоуин

Автор: Белякова Ирина Алексеевна

Дата: 04.11.2014

Номер свидетельства: 125961

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