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Презентация урока по английсскому языку на тему Home, Sweet home!

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С?йінбай атында?ы орта мектеп ?шб?ла? бастауыш мектебімен Та?ырыбы:Home, Sweet home! П?н м??алімі: Жолжанова А. Б Та?ырыбы: Home, Sweet Home!” Ма?саты: Білімділік: ?з ?йі жайлы ты?дап т?сінуге, диалог барысында с?йлеуге ?йрете отырып, жа?а с?з тіркестерін енгізу. Дамытушылы?: есте са?тау, жазу, ты?дау ?абілеттерін, ой-?рісін дамыту. Т?рбиелік:отбасына деген с?йіспеншілігін арттырып,отбасын са?тай білуге т?рбиелеу. Тілдік с?йлеу ба?дарлама, жа?а с?з тіркестерін енгізу: bathroom, bedroom, garden, kitchen, dining room, living room, garage, furniture, kitchen equipment, rooms, living room equipment, ship’s facilities. К?рнекіліктер: компьютер, интерактивті та?та, ?лестірмелер. Саба?ты? барысы. 1. ?йымдастыру кезе?і М??алім О?ушы Амандасу! Hello, boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please! Hello! Hello! Саба?ты? та?ырыбы мен ма?сатын баяндау. Have a look at the board! What are we going to talk about today? Yes. You are right! Our topic today is “Home, Sweet Home”. We’re going to speak about homes. And at the end of the lesson you’ll be buyers yourselves and try to buy a house too. I think, we are going to talk about home. I think, we are going to talk about different rooms in the house. “Home”. II.Тілді жатты?тыру. At first, have a look at the screen. There is a very good English proverb. “My home is my castle” What is the Russian equivalent to this proverb? Why do English people think so? Is your home your castle, D…? Good! Thank you. As I have already said today we’re going to speak about English homes. Экран?а назар аудары?дар. ?з ?йім – ?ле? т?сегім. They think so because their homes are the places where they are safe and loved. Yes, my home is my castle because it is clean, light and warm. “My home is my castle” III.?й тапсырмасын тексеру.Ex.3 p149. IV. Жа?а саба?ты енгізу Look at the photos. Which rooms from the box can you see in these photos? So, once more, what kinds of rooms are there in the house? О?ушылар суретке ?арайды. There is a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bedroom. Now where can you do these activities? in Match the places the box to the activities. Now make up sentences then check. О?ушылар та?та?а маркермен жазады: You can cook in the kitchen. You can sleep in the bedroom. You can have a shower in the bathroom. You can put your car in the garage. You can eat in the dining room. So, British people can cook in the kitchen, sleep in the bedroom and eat in the dining room. What can you do in these rooms? О?ушылар с?йлем ??райды: I can read in the bedroom. I can fix the car in the garage. I can wash my hands and face in the bathroom. I can wash dishes in the kitchen. I can have a festive dinner with my friends in the dining room. Now I see that you know the kinds of rooms and what you can do there. But answer the questions: I. Do you live in a house or in a flat? II.What floor do you live on? III. Do you like your home? IV. How many rooms have you got? О?ушылар ?з б?лмелерін суреттейді: big, large, light, cozy, comfortable, nice, my own, warm, etc. I see that your rooms are very nice. But now look at the pictures and at the text and answer the questions: 1) Where is the text from? 2) Why do you think so? 3) What is unusual about the flats in the text? О?ушылар суретті суреттейді де, таратыл?ан м?тінді тез-тез о?ып, с?ра??а жауап береді: 1) I think the text is from a tourist brochure or from an advertisement. 2) I think so because the text advertises the flats and invites people to buy them. 3) The flats are on a very big ship. Now read the text more attentively and mark the sentences True or False. 1) The ship has: a) 110 apartments (T) b) 6 restaurants (F) c) 2 swimming pools (T) d) 2 gyms (F) 4) The apartments have: a) a large living room (T) b) a dining room (F) c) a garden (F) d) a private terrace (T) Текст бойынша” д?рыс” немесе “д?рыс емесін” белгілейді7 So, you see that houses may be of different kinds, even such extraordinary as this ResidenSea. But just imagine you have much money. Would you like to buy a flat on this ship? Yes, I would like to buy a flat on this ship because it is extraordinary. No, I wouldn’t like to buy a flat on this ship because it is not convenient. OK. Thank you. Now imagine that you have already bought such a flat on the ship. Let’s see what furniture and equipment you’ll need for your new flat. Write the headings in the table. Then write two or three more things by each heading. Have you written all the answers? Now act out the dialogue. Thank you. Now let’s work in pairs again. Imagine that one of you is interested in a country cottage. The other has the details (use the text). Ask questions to find out the things about the house. Time is up! Let’s listen to some of your dialogues. Екі о?ушы жоспар боынша диалог ??рады: 1) how big? 2) how many rooms? 3) what rooms? 4) garden\terrace? 5) where? 6) price? Decide to buy or not to buy. Beautiful country cottage: • 120 sq metres • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • living room, dining room • kitchen, breakfast room • 2 large gardens, front and back • 2 km from village with shops . Екі о?ушы диалог ??рады. VI.?орытындылау Thank you very much! Your dialogues were good! Our lesson will finish soon. Let’s see what we’ve learnt today. First, we learnt what rooms may be in the house and what we can do there. Secondly,… Thirdly,… Secondly, we learnt about a very unusual house and even tried to buy a flat there. Thirdly, we tried to buy a country cottage from an agent. VII.Yes, you are right. Now your home task: “A House for Sale” You may choose one of these two: 1) Write the text and hand it in 2) Make up the text and tell about your house in the class In any case you are to use the plan you used in the dialogues. VIII.Is your home task clear? Your marks for today: ………. Thanks once more! The lesson is over, you may go. “Bye Bye!”

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«презентация урока по английсскому языку на тему Home, Sweet home!»



My house is my castle.  There is no place like home.  East or west, home is best.

My house is my castle.

There is no place like home.

East or west, home is best.

“ Bye Bye !”

Bye Bye !”

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Презентации

Целевая аудитория: 6 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

презентация урока по английсскому языку на тему Home, Sweet home!

Автор: Жолжанова Алия Болатовна

Дата: 11.02.2016

Номер свидетельства: 291797

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