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Презентаций. Асhievements

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                                                                           О?т?стік ?аза?стан облысы

                                                                      Б?йдібек ауданы, Шаян ауылы,

                                                                 №1жалпы орта мектеп-интернаты

                                                                    a?ылшын тілі п?ні м??алімі

                                                                   Ахметова Раби?а Жаркынбаевна


The theme of the lesson: Achievements
The aims of the lesson: 1) To give more information about achievement of  peoples
2) To develop pupils skills in reading, speaking.
3)  To bring up the pupils to their Earth
Visual aids: a book, pictures, scroll,  level cards, interactive board
The form of the lesson:    creative  lesson.

I   Organization moment
T: Good morning, dear children!
S: Good morning, dear teacher!
Good morning, Good morning
Good morning to you!
Good morning, dear teacher
We are glad to see you!

T: Thank you, children, sit down please.  What day and date is it today? Who is on duty today?  

Who is absent?  What is the weather like today?

Procedure of the lessons:

  1. Organization moment
  2.  Phonetic drill
  3.  Check up the home task. «Snowball» game.
  4.  New theme. Puzzle. Brainstorming. Dialogue.
  5.  Grammar. Present Perfect.
  6.  Exercise drill. №4a, b
  7.  Сергіту с?ті. Бейнеролик
  8.  Conclusion. Association
  9.  Marks

     -  Now, children I will give some part of the pictures.  You must  take apart they. Then you will divide two groups with  this pictures.  1st group – Brain, 

2 nd group - Earth

     - Work with  mental card

  1. Check up the home task.

      a) Use the first conditional. Write sentences. Start with  If….
If Katerina goes to America, I`ll  miss her.

      b)   Work  with  vocabulary  and  and  play a game of  «Snowball»

  1. New theme.

       Now, children we open the theme  with  pictures.  You must choose  the pictures

                         A c h i e v e m e n t s

a) Brainstorming

1. What can you say about the photos?

2. What positive things  can you see?

3. What negative things can you see?    

b) Presentation.   I`ve changed the world!

 Read the dialogue between the brain and the Earth.

    Brain                 Earth    

Brain: I`ve changed the world!

Earth: Yes, the world is very different now. But have you forgotten  

          about me?

Brain: No, I haven`t People can visit every corner of the Earth now.

          I`ve produced the car and the aeroplane.

Earth: Yes, you`ve made some amazing machines.

Brain: And I`ve build some fantastic cities.

Earth: Yes, but you`ve polluted the air and the oceans, and you`ve

           destroyed thousands of animals and plants. The naturals world

           is in danger. You haven`t taken care of the environment.

Brain: You are right. But people are much healthier now. Modern

             medicine has saved the lives of millions of peoples.

Earth: Yes, I know. But  a lot of people starving. Your technology  

            hasn`t  produced enough food for everyone.

Brain: Perhaps not. But people everywhere can communicate easily.

           I`ve  invented the telephone and the computer. I`ve  put 

           satellites into space.

Earth: Yes you`ve improved  communications. But people  haven`t  

           learnt to share. They are often selfish  and unkind.

Brain: That`s true. But I`ve  done some incredible things.

Earth: And you`ve made a lot of mistakes.

c) Grammar. Present Perfect.

Rule: We use  it to describe  the present result of a past action. We often use it talk  about changes  and achievements.


For example: I have broken my foot.    

                      My cat has already finished his food.     


d) Exercise drill. №4a, b

  1. Make questions, then work with a friend and ask and answer.

1. to\ people \ have\ Moon\ travelled\ the?

   Have people travelled to the Moon? – Yes, they have.

2. walked \ Mars\ on\ people \ have?

   Have people walked  on Mars?- Yes, they have.

3. the \ has \ changed\ climate?

    Has changed the climate?- Yes, It has.

4. we \ environment \ the \ have \ protected?  

    Have we protected the environment? - Yes, we have

5. pollution \ trees \ has \ a lot of  \ destroyed?

    Has destroyed  a lot of  trees pollution? –

6. stayed \ the\ has\ same\ world\ the?

   Has  the same stayed the world? 

 b) Make sentences in the present perfect affirmative or negative, using these past participles.



    done      lost      stopped     arrived       built       put       made        change

  1. My watch --- (has stopped). It  needs a new battery.
  2. I can`t  find my mobile. I think I --(have lost) it.
  3. This isn`t right.  He --- (has made) a mistake.
  4. I can`t go to bed. I ---(have done) my homework.
  5.  Martin and Lizzie are here  but Jay ---(has not arrived).
  6. Look! They --- ( have build) a little house in the tree.
  7. Helen -- (has changed) the colour of her hair. She looks completely different.
  8. You --- (have put) the butter in the fridge. Look! It`s melting.

e) Physical training.

 Now, children we show the video. What do you understanding? What things can you say about  the planet?


  1. Conclusion.

      If you are planning for a year, so rice.
      If you are planning for a decade,   plant trees.
      If you are planning for a lifetime,  educate people!
                                                                                             Chinese proverb.

V. Marks.

VI. Giving the home task

Write an essay ``Kazakhstan in the future``.










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Презентаций. Асhievements

Автор: Ахметова Рабига Жаркынбаевна

Дата: 02.04.2015

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