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Short term plan "Healthy and Unhealthy habits"

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Short term plan на тему "Healthy and Unhealthy habits" по английскому языку, для 6 классов. 

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«Short term plan "Healthy and Unhealthy habits"»

Short Term Plan

6.4A Healthy Habits

Term 5 Unit 1

Speaking: Healthy and Unhealthy habits


Date: 22.01.2020

Teacher’s name:

Grade: 6

Number present:

Number absent:

Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

6.S6Begin to link comments with some flexibility to what others say at sentence and discourse level in pair, group and whole class exchanges.

6.R2 Understand specific information and details in texts on a range of familiar general and curricular topics;

Lesson objectives

All students will be able to:

  • should know new words about food and identify healthy foods and unhealthy foods.

Most students will be able to:

  • must answer verbally.

Some students will be able to:

  • must make a sentence with the word

Language objective

  • Understand when to use conjunction and can use it while writing or speaking;

  • Use new vocabulary and appropriate grammar to talk and reflect on what they have learnt.

Previous learning

Reading: Healthy food

Cross-Curricular Link

Grammar, Geography

Intercultural awareness

to develop ability to understand different cultural contexts and viewpoints expressed while speaking

Planned timings

Planned activities



2 min

2 min



2 min

7 min

5 min

6 min

 Organization moment

Good morning, dear pupils!

Take your seats. Who is on duty today? Is anybody absent today?

What date is it today?
What day of the week is it today?

What was your home task for today?

Teacher divided into 2 groups and children choose the cards they like:
1 group – healthy food
2 group – unhealthy food

Check homework game “Magic hat”

-Teacher gives new words.

PRUNES [pruːn] қара өрік

Garnet [ˈɡɑː.nɪt] гранат

Walnut [ˈwɔːl.nʌt] грек жаңғағы

Porridge [ˈpɒr.ɪdʒ] ботқа

Sausages [ˈsɒs.ɪdʒ] шұжықтар

T: Firstly, I will say these new words and you listen. Then you will repeat after me.

Task 1. Group work.

Тhe two groups share and protect the names of healthy and unhealthy foods.

Group 1. Group 2

Task 2. Work with text.

Students must read the text in a group and move on to another group to explain this.

Healthy Food

Eating is fun, especially when you are hungry. Most people have a favourite food. Some people enjoy eating sweet things like cakes, chocolates and ice cream. Other people enjoy savoury foods like cheese and meet. Enjoying eating is our body’s way of making sure that is gets the things it needs to work properly.

Food helps us to keep warm, talk, run and do all the other things we do. It helps us to grow and stay healthy.

Physical training
«Peel banana»

Task 4. 2. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? (Individual work)

a) When we enjoy eating our body gets everything to work well. ______

b) To get vitamins you need to buy pills. ______

c) Vitamin C is important for our skin. ______

d) You can get vitamin D only when eating special food. ______

Key: а – T, b) – F, c) – T, d) – F.


A learner:

1. findes right answer.

Formative assessment by writing comments. (excellent, good, try again)

PPT slides 1-2


Appendix 1


3 min

  • Leaners’ reflection

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 6 класс

Short term plan "Healthy and Unhealthy habits"

Автор: Садуакасова Айдана Еркебуланқызы

Дата: 14.10.2020

Номер свидетельства: 560052

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