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Поурочный план по спецкурсу английского языка

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Это поурочный план урока по спецкурсу английского языка "Travelling around English-speaking "countries на тему Parliament.Этот план урока предназначен для учащихся 11-х классов.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Поурочный план по спецкурсу английского языка»

Date: 12.12-15.12.2016

Form: 11 A,B,C

The theme of the lesson: Parliament.

Aims of the lesson: educational: to revise and practice about parliament of Great Britain.

developing: to develop pupils` listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

cultural: to widen pupils` outlook about parliament of Great Britain.


Type of the lesson: New lesson

Method of the lesson:Verbal,visual,practical.

Teaching aids: Internet materials.

Visual aids: Video material,slides,pictures.

The course of the lesson

  1. Organization moment.

  2. Brief talk with duty.

  3. Checking homework: At previous lesson we have learnt about Princess Diana. You should retell the summary about Diana.

  1. Warm – up: All together look at the screen. Let’s watch a video material. So, what do you think about this video? What about this video?

  2. Presentation of new theme: Let’s begin our lesson. All together write down the date and new theme. Today our new theme is Parliament of Great Britain. First of all, I’ll give you some kinds of figures, and you must take one of these figures. If everyone has taken, I divide you into four groups. I group: hearts, II group: stars, III group: squares, IV group: emoticons. I’ll give you some information about British Parliament and 15 minutes to read and work with your roles.

Lectors you must read this text, lecture about British Parliament. What do you think or what about is this text? You may add additional materials about British Parliament.

Researchers you must research this text. You should research in details.

Question makers you must make a question using this text, question about our new theme.

Link finders you must find linkers. For example: spirituality of the theme.

Communicators you must communicate about the policy of Kazakhstan and compare with Britain.

The British Parliament.

The British Parliament consists of two houses – The House of Lords and The House of Commons. The British Parliament has been called the Mother of Parliaments because many of the world’s legislatures have copied features from it. The House of Commons has 659 members, elected from the four main political units that make up the United Kingdom. Elections to the House of Commons are an important part of Britain’s democratic system. The House of Lords consists of around 1270 non-elected members. Its main legislative function is to examine and revise bills from the commons. It also acts in a legal capacity as the final court of appeal.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a constitutional monarchy. The monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is the head of state. The monarchy in Britain can be traced back about 1200 years, although its role has changed significantly. The monarch must approve all bills passed by the Parliament before they become laws. The queen also has a weekly meeting with the prime minister to discuss public affairs. The queen’s chief public role is to attend ceremonial state occasions and to represent the United Kingdom in visits throughout the country and the world.

The United Kingdom is both a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. The Parliament, the chief lawmaking body of the United Kingdom, meets in London. The Parliament consists of the monarch, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Queen Elizabeth II acts as head of state, but a group of senior members of parliament called the Cabinet actually governs the United Kingdom. The prime minister leads the government.

Did you understand about Britain’s Parliament? If it is clear for you everybody look at the screen. There are questions about British Parliament. Let’s write their answers on the blackboard and put down your copy books

  1. How many houses British Parliament consists? Two houses – the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

  2. Who is the head of the state in Britain? Queen.

  3. Who is the chairman of the House of Lords? Lord Chancellor.

  4. Who is the chairman of the House of Commons? Speaker.

  5. How many sites the members sit in the House of Commons? On two sites of the hall.

  6. What does abbreviation “MP” stand for? Member of Parliament

  7. What are the name two major British political parties? The Labour Party and

The Conservative Party.

  1. What is the name of Liberal Party? The Whigs.

  2. What is the name of the Conservative Party? The Tories.

  3. Who is the head of the government in the United Kingdom? Prime Minister.

  1. Conclusion: If you understood, everybody take piece of paper and write down some information about British Parliament. You must write one or two sentences. I’ll give you only three minutes to write about it. If you have finished, crumple up your papers, then throw each other your papers and read your group-mate’s sentences.

  1. Giving the homework: You should make up a questionnaire about British Parliament.

  1. Evaluation. The lesson is over. Good bye!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 11 класс

Поурочный план по спецкурсу английского языка

Автор: Жумахметова Эльвира Маратовна

Дата: 02.01.2017

Номер свидетельства: 374918

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