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"Поговорим по-английски"

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«"Поговорим по-английски"»




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«Поговорим по английски»


учитель английского языка: Боранбаева М.С.


на заседании МО

протокол №___

от «___»_________2016г.

_____________ Г.Авдуу

2016-2017 учебный год

Date: The 24-th of September

Form: 8 B

Theme: Let’s speak in English

Type of the lesson: Open lesson

To develop: 1. Communication skills

2. Speaking habits

3. To improve pupils English language

Equipments of the lesson: charts, a song, proverbs, pictures and slides

Procedure of lesson:

Organization moment:

  • Good morning, children!

  • Good morning, teacher!

  • How are you?

  • We are fine. And you?

  • I am good. Thank you.

Teacher: -All right, pupils today we have open lesson. Today in our lesson teachers of our school.

Please, say me what is the theme of our lesson today?

Pupils: Let’s speak in English

Сынып екі топқа бөлініп жарысады:

  1. Big Ben: Motto: “One for all and all for one”

  2. Baiterek: Motto: “We are the friends, and we are the champions”

Warm up. The game “Bingo ”

  • Now, guys let’s draw the table and write nine words connecting with the word “Language”:

Kazakh, Russian, English, Chinese, Arabian, Turkish, Spanish, Indian.

  1. Making words from this words: “My Motherland is Kazakhstan”

For example: my, mother, land, stand, other, and, Kazakh e.t.c.

II. Now, please answer the questions:

1. Where are you from?

2. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

3. When was Astana founded?

4. What is the capital of America?

5. What is the capital of England?

6. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?

7. What is the name of our region?

8. What is the population of Kazakhstan?

9. Who is the president of America?

10. Who is the president of Kazakhstan?

III. Describe your region

HOW MANY REGIONS ARE THERE IN Kazakhstan? - There are 14 regions.

What are they? -Akmola, Aktobe, Almaty, Atyrau, East Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, Karaganda, Kostanai, Kyzylorda, Mangistau, Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan.

Where are you from?

-1 am from Kazakhstan

What is the centre of your region? - Karaganda is.

Tell us about your city.

I'd like to tell you about my native city. It is Jung city. It lies on the Irtysh river.

There are museums, parks, theatres, cinemas, Universities, Institutes, schools, monuments in our city. The most beautiful streets are N.Abdirova and Bukhar Jirau.

- When was Karaganda formed in Kazakhstan?

-In 1934 Karaganda was formed in

*And now, let’s sing a song “Yesterday” The Beatles


The Beatles

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away,

Now it looks as though they are here to stay,

Oh I believe in yesterday.

Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be,

There’s a shadow hanging over me,

Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Why she had to go?

I don’t know she wouldn’t say,

I said something wrong now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday love was such as easy game to play,

Now I need a place to hide away,

Oh I believe in yesterday.

Why she had to go?

I don’t know she wouldn’t say,

I said something wrong now I long for yesterday.

Yesterday love was such an easy game to play,

Now I need a place to hide away.

Oh I believe in yesterday.

  • Әділ- қазылар өз шешімдерін,ойларын ортаға салады.

The conclusive stage of the lesson.

  • Now, children lets make our sums of the lesson. What have we talked about? Yes, we have talked about everything connected with the capital of our Motherland. And now write the home task for the next lesson. Thank you.

Well, our open lesson is over. Thank you for your attention!
- Good bye children!
- Good bye teacher!

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Предмет: Английский язык

Категория: Планирование

Целевая аудитория: 8 класс.
Урок соответствует ФГОС

"Поговорим по-английски"

Автор: Боранбаева Меруерт Саятовна

Дата: 20.10.2016

Номер свидетельства: 350829

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