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"About my teaching''

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Повышение навыков аудирование,чтение,говорение и писание.Этот урок теория Крэшера учащихся в познавательной деятельности играет большую рольв развитии. 

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«"About my teaching''»

About my teaching.

To be a good teacher, we need some of the gifts of the good actor. We must be able to hold of attention and interest of our audience.

We know that English teacher should know how to teach, what to teach, choose the right styles and strategies of learning. We should use variable techniques of teaching to support the motivation of students.

Teach students the ways of learning make for them clear aims of study process. I think that the teacher must be communicative not indifferent to his works, industrious in searching for new methods of teaching and applying them lessons.

English teachers also should know different methods of teaching and develop activities that encourage students to speak. We as competent speakers should know how to use language in its appropriate social setting and show skills in discourse competence. I agree with Krasher’s theory “The teacher’s role is to provide input and encouragement and create interesting and stimulating activities that eventually develop fluency”, because only the target language is spoken in class the students absorb the language and respond to the input. He shows two ways of learning: acquisition or learning. I’ll choose acquisition because it is the natural process. I think that, his hypothesis helps us by teaching.

Receptive skills lesson plan

Main aim: To provide practice in reading for gist and details.

  1. Warm up

  1. Please, children draw the following chart on the board.


    Means of transportation


  2. After that questions: - Do you like traveling?

    • Have you ever traveled by train?

    • Where do you usually go on holiday?

    • Who do you usually travel with?

  1. Pre teach vocabulary

1. Present vocabulary

New words; Suitcase (n)

  1. Pupils pronounce the word

  2. Noun

  3. Suitcase – case for carrying clothes, etc. when traveling

General question: His suitcase is modern.

  1. Why do we carry suitcase?

  2. What things do we put in suitcase?

Crowded (adj)

  1. Pupils pronounce the word

  2. Adjective

  3. Crowded (too) full of people

The park was very crowded. The beach was crowded with tourists

    • Are our buses crowded?

    • What do you think

Whistle (n)

  1. Pupils pronounce the word

  2. Noun

  3. Whistle – instrument that produces a clear high sound especially as a signal

My brother whistles very loudly. Polices whistle was clear

Throw (v)

  1. Pupils pronounce the word

  2. Verb throw- threw

  3. Throw – send something though the air with some force

Don’t throw the stone

He threw it out of the door

Why do you throw the things?

    1. Repeat the words

Main idea activities

  1. Can you add more ideas to the diagram?

Is not expensive

Traveling by train interesting

2. Read in order to answer questions they formulated before knowing the exact content of the text.

3. Zigzag reading

I’ll give you each part of text and then you will read the text silently

Then you must put the text in the correct order

      1. One day he did this when the train was very crowded. Passengers came and sat in all other seats except the one which his suitcase was lying on. Then an old man arrived and asked Mr. Jones “Is this somebody’s seat?”

      2. “All right” said the old gentleman “I’ll sit here until your friend comes back and then I’ll stand somewhere. He put his suitcase above him and sat down.

      3. And before Mr. Jones was able to do or to say anything, the old man took his suitcase down and threw it out of the window. You can be sure that Mr. Jones never tried to play that game again.

      4. Mr. Jones liked to be comfortable, so when he got into a train. He always used to put his suitcase on the seat to another passenger who had gone to buy something in the station.

      5. Mr. Jones didn’t feel happy about it, but couldn’t say anything, because all the other passengers were watching and listening. Several minutes passed and the whistle blew. As a train began to move, the old gentleman jumped up and said “I am very sorry, but your friend seems to have missed the train. We don’t want him to be separated from his suitcase, do we?”

      6. “Yes” answered Mr. Jones “My friend is traveling with me, He has gone to buy some cigarettes. He will return soon.

  1. Reading for details

1.Before reading pupils get the tasks

Task 1 “Complete the sentence”

  1. Mr. Jones liked to be comfortable.

  2. Passengers took all the seats expect…

  3. When the pld gentleman took the seat Mr. Jones could say nothing because…

  4. The old gentleman threw the suitcase out of the window because…

  5. Mr. Jones bever played that trick again because….

Pupils read for 8-10 min. Then in pairs they discuss the answers.

2) Task 2 What moment from the text is shown on the photo?

Developing fluency

Follow up 1) Task one

Give a title to the story and fill in the chart below

(the title)

(the main character)

(some words describing the main event)

(three words describing the character)

(your opinion of the story)

2) Task 2

Please do a role play based upon the text.

Pupils opinions…

V. Conclusion

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"About my teaching''

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