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A-apricot, B- bee.

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It is useful for you to know what is  ABC

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«A-apricot, B- bee.»

The theme of the lesson: Lesson 1 A - apricot, B - bee

The aims and tasks of the lesson:


Learning outcomes

Vocabulary and structure

Required equipment


by the end of


P u p i l ’ s

- to learn two letters: Aa and

the lesson, pupils

R e v i s i o n

book, Work-


will be able to:

(from Class


- to revise Class 1 vocabulary

- recognise, say

1): hop,

the DVD,

(domestic animals)

and write letters

jump, walk,

cards with:


Aa and Bb;

run, and


- to enable pupils to match the

- say animals and

climb, horse,

hop, jump,

animals and the sounds they

sounds they pro-

cow, goat,

walk, run,



sheep, roost-

and climb


- recite a poem;

er, hen, dog,

- to raise awareness of the dif-

- recognise dif-

cat, duck,

ference between sounds animals

ferent pronun-


produce in different countries;

ciation of the

- to raise awareness of differ-

letter “A” and

ent pronunciation of the letter

single pronuncia-

“A” and single pronunciation

tion of “b”.

of “b”.

The new theme:

Activity 1 Listen and sing. 5 min

Objectives: to warm up;

to create an English speaking atmosphere.

say: ‘Stand up, please. Good morning, class.’ Use gestures so the pupils stand up.

say: ‘How are you?’ Get the answers from the pupils.

say: ‘Sit down, please.’ Use gestures so the pupils sit down. show the pupils the textbook.

say: ‘Take out your books.’ Make sure all the children have their Pupil’s book.

say: ‘Open your books on page 6.’ Point to Activity 1. Use gestures and wait for all children to open their textbooks.

Check they have the correct page. say: Listen to the song ‘Rain, rain, go away’ and repeat.

Play the DVD, track ‘Rain, rain, go away’.

Ask: ‘What can you see?’ Accept anything reasonable – daddy, mummy, brother, sister, baby, etc

Activity 2a Look, listen and point. 5 min

Objective: to revise domestic animals and learn sounds they produce

say: ‘Look at this activity.’ be sure all of your pupils look at the textbook, point to Activity 2a.

Ask: ‘What can you see?’ Accept anything reasonable – do- mestic and wild animals, or the names of the animals.

say: ‘Yes, you are right. They are animals. Now listen, please.’

Play the DVD, Activity 2a. Click on some domestic and wild animals; demonstrate several times to help them to hear the sounds of the domestic animals only.

Ask: ‘What animals can you hear?’ Accept anything reason- able – horse, goat, cat, etc. Ask your pupils to repeat the sounds.

say: ‘What does the horse say?’ Point to the horse and accept the answers. Then say: ‘Let’s check!’ Do the same with the other animals.

You can compare the difference between the sounds of the ani- mals in english speaking countries and in our country.

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A-apricot, B- bee.


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